Wednesday, 11 May 2011

UOW Unicentre Launch - CAMPUS DOCTOR

 John Cap (dentist) Nigel Pennington (previous Unicentre general manager), Pi Wei Lim

Tonight I attended the launch of the newly renovated Unicentre building at the University of Wollongong.  The Unicentre is a hub of student social activity as well as housing important services such as:
Food court
function centres
student meeting rooms
Careers centre
retails outlets
Student Services
 . . . . and of course the Campus Health Centre which houses the CAMPUS DOCTOR a dentist and optometrist.

Though the Campus Doctor is only a small surgery of 2 consulting rooms its vision is big.  It shares our group's vision of integrated high quality, bulk billed primary health care, AND a keen interest in training.

The affiliation we have with a major medical training institution is not accidental and we see our presence on campus as both a privilege and responsibility to be at the leading edge of how primary health care is practiced in Australia.  Why would one of our leading medical schools accept a sub standard medical practice on their campus?  I'm confident that we are able to meet this criteria not because the University chose it, but because we choose it for ourselves.