Friday, 7 October 2011

Kali's having a Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't believe our little Kali is gonna have her baby soon!  Is she old enough to drive?

Her last day will be on te 28th October and we all had a little farewell cake at our last Practice Management Meeting (expertly chaired by Lynelle).  It was actually Sue's idea to do a little something whilst all of the surgery staff were together in the one place...thanks Sue.  My how time flies!

Kali's been working on our operations manual and various in house manuals.  She's been able to do this because we've just recruited Kaitlin as her full time maternity replacement (yes Kali you are irreplaceable but . . .)  Katilin was actually a recommendation from Kali and she's taken to general practice like a duck to water.  Like Kali she came from the real estate sector so there is heaps of transferable skills there.

We'll all miss you and your wise crackin', rude, disrespectful knack of keeping the doctors honest.  I know you'll be coming especially to pay me out so I guess I won't be missing that.

Well Kali..... as they say in those medical text books PUSH!!!!!!!!!!!