Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Welcome Eli James!

Kali had a baby boy on the 16th November 12.10pm.  Eli James weight 7.7 pounds & 49cm.

Well done Kali!  Can you come back to work now?

Friday, 7 October 2011

Kali's having a Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't believe our little Kali is gonna have her baby soon!  Is she old enough to drive?

Her last day will be on te 28th October and we all had a little farewell cake at our last Practice Management Meeting (expertly chaired by Lynelle).  It was actually Sue's idea to do a little something whilst all of the surgery staff were together in the one place...thanks Sue.  My how time flies!

Kali's been working on our operations manual and various in house manuals.  She's been able to do this because we've just recruited Kaitlin as her full time maternity replacement (yes Kali you are irreplaceable but . . .)  Katilin was actually a recommendation from Kali and she's taken to general practice like a duck to water.  Like Kali she came from the real estate sector so there is heaps of transferable skills there.

We'll all miss you and your wise crackin', rude, disrespectful knack of keeping the doctors honest.  I know you'll be coming especially to pay me out so I guess I won't be missing that.

Well Kali..... as they say in those medical text books PUSH!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

UOW Unicentre Launch - CAMPUS DOCTOR

 John Cap (dentist) Nigel Pennington (previous Unicentre general manager), Pi Wei Lim

Tonight I attended the launch of the newly renovated Unicentre building at the University of Wollongong.  The Unicentre is a hub of student social activity as well as housing important services such as:
Food court
function centres
student meeting rooms
Careers centre
retails outlets
Student Services
 . . . . and of course the Campus Health Centre which houses the CAMPUS DOCTOR a dentist and optometrist.

Though the Campus Doctor is only a small surgery of 2 consulting rooms its vision is big.  It shares our group's vision of integrated high quality, bulk billed primary health care, AND a keen interest in training.

The affiliation we have with a major medical training institution is not accidental and we see our presence on campus as both a privilege and responsibility to be at the leading edge of how primary health care is practiced in Australia.  Why would one of our leading medical schools accept a sub standard medical practice on their campus?  I'm confident that we are able to meet this criteria not because the University chose it, but because we choose it for ourselves.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Balance Health and Harmony - a visit to Annette

I visited my Masseuse Annette for a much needed knead the other day and wanted to include her as part of our blog.

We forget the power of laying hands, as we get caught up in the science of it all.  I pay special attention to how a doctor touches patients.  I've seen Dad pick up a 70 year old man's necrotic foot with a gesture similar to if he was picking up a baby's foot.  I've seen Peter simply massaging a patient's belly because they had abdominal pains, no doubt the intelligence of his hands was listening and learning much more as well.  It is these moments that strike me as a moment where healing happens.  Gloves off of course.  Best practice tells us to not only to glove ourselves when we touch a patient but also wash our hands after the gloves have been removed!

I want to remind us all of the humble healing touch of the hand as one of the most powerful gestures we have available to all of us.  Be it just a reassuring hand on the arm to say you'll feel much better in a week, or a light pat on the back on the way out to remind the patient to come back for review in a month; these are the gestures that build trust and confidence between two people and make a healing relationship.

Annette has in the past run workshops for our group and since she was introduced to me by Dad I've continued to go to her for that healing touch.  As a relatively healthy person I don't need to see doctors ever - except for my daily professional life, but that doesn't mean I don't need my fair share of healing and restoration.  It's a bit of a buzzword these days "preventative healthcare" but basically it means listening to yourself and giving yourself a little bit of TLC before you reach the point of no return.

I'm blogging about this just to let all my staff  know that Annette is a tried and trusted Massage therapist that I would recommend to anyone and personally use myself.  She is based in Woonona and is just a phone call away.

Annette Robertson
Balance Health and Harmony 
4283 3449

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Cast Outside

We are lucky enough at the Robertson Doctor to have a waiting room that looks upon a lovely garden.  Patients enjoy a view of the garden and sometimes the doctors at work.....

Here's Ben using the garden to his advantage to put a cast on William.

Julian our Registrar also taking a leaf from Ben's book . . . .

Friday, 4 March 2011

Implanon Training at the Robertson Doctor

We had a group of 10 doctors form surrounding practices in the Southern Highlands as well as Fiona, Ben and Javad all learning about how to insert and remove the subcutaneous contraceptive bar that is Implanon.

I was pleased at the versatility of the Robertson Doctor Gallery space which was transformed to accommodate a projected presentation and then practice tables to insert the device.

Fiona Ben & Javad

 Fiona & Ben

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Annual Staff Gathering - Wollongong Golf Club

We gathered together this year to farewell the year of the TIGER and welcome the year of the RABBIT.

Looking back on the year of 2010 we can draw a few parallels between how its events unfolded and how a tiger stalks its prey.  Unlike our romantic notions of this powerful beast of prey a tiger spends much of its time laying in waiting, observing conditions, being patient, solitary, enduring the hardships of the hunt, taking risks and bearing the losses.

  • SPC take over by Miliew in Jan 2010: This was a move to lessen the administrative burden of Sydnmind Pty Ltd
  • Kali 1st Anniversay Feb 2010 and is now close t celebrating her 2nd!
  • Sponsorship approval for both SPC and NPC in the 1st half of 2010 : this was an important achievement as it places both our companies in readiness to accept and sponsor Overseas trained doctors to join our practice.
  • Medical Students – SPC has 2  and the RD has 1.  We have even in these times continued to share our knowledge and foster the next generation of doctors.
  • Judy 15 years May 2010 – first day was in 1995.  Well done and thank you Judy!
  • 1st year anniversary for James & Family – 7th Sept 2010 / James’ b’day today
  • August 31 Customer service training – RESPECT / EMPATHY / RESPONSIVENESS / PROFESSIONALISM.  In spite of such pressure on our books translating into a more stressful work environment, we continue to value and develop excellent customer service.  In fact it's when times are tough that our true commitment to patient care is tested. 
  • Eng’s father – passed on in Sept 2010
  • Javad starts 29th Nov 2010 – just 4 months after our 1st meeting.  Welcome to Matin his wife / living in shellcove.  Looking to do Fellowship!
  • Kaitlyn graduation ANSTO – first class honours. Bachelor of science and Forensic science.  Last day tomorrow, Sunday 30th January.  Thanks for the past 5 years of service, it's been a joy working with such a bright your star!
  • Bronwyn – whipple  on 12th Dec 2010 – 12 months after her diagnosis.  All our thoughts and prayer go out to her and her family.
  • Registrar Julian Northover –  Has joined us at the Robertson Doctor.  17th Jan – 17th July 2011

Looking to the year ahead we welcome a softer, fluffier year of the RABBIT.  Rabbits are peaceful vegetarians and they eat what is readily available.  They move with a succession of take offs and landings.

I'm setting my sights on the following projects for 2011.
  • IT Infrastructure replacement and upgrade
  • Greater managerial autonomy for each practice
  • Greater resources dedicated to recruitment and retention of client doctors
  • Recruit more doctors from UK and Canada or elsewhere
  • Continue to fine tune our service to our doctors and the community
 I'd like to thank everyone who made 2010 the year it was, from our staff to our client doctors and allied health professionals.  

Here's to a soft, fluffy and bouncy year of the Rabbit!!!!!!!!!!!